George Lucas’ Daughter Makes MMA Debut in NZ

Opening scroll: A long, long time ago (last weekend) in a galaxy far, far away (New Zealand), young Amanda Lucas was engaged in battle with forces from the Empire (ex-members of the British Empire, that is).

Amanda Lucas George Lucas daughter MMA fighter

(Chewbacca, no! Oh, wait - Jar Jar Binks, maybe?)

That’s right - the daughter of “Star Wars” auteur George Lucas is now all grown up as an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter. Read more…

Strange Sights Among Sunday’s London Marathon

While Tiger Woods & crew were leisurely walking around Augusta (shouting obscenities along the way), there was much more movement across the pond on Sunday, as the London Marathon raced around town. (”Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliament!“)

London Marathon Star Wars stormtrooper

(TK-421 racing back to his Death Star post)

While congrats are in order for Martin Lel winning the race for the third time in four years - in a new record time, even - there were many more sublime sights & scenes to enjoy among the 35,000-strong contestants.

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Finally, A Place to Holster Your Lightsaber Wedge

The Japanese have yet again shown us how to create something greater than the sum of its parts, as they did with “Voltron” and with “Pink Lady and Jeff“.

Now they’ve lashed stiff acting and cribbed storylines from Joseph Campbell to amateur flailing with expensive equipment over wasteful expanses of a different kind to create a much more awesome form of hackery than the two could ever achieve alone:

Darth Vader golf bag

Yes, it’s Star Wars golf gear from Japan! Join the Japanese Empire today and they’ll throw in, for exorbitant charge, these driver covers with TIE fighter designs! Buy now!

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