USA Wins Without LeBron or Universal Healthcare

With the Beijing Olympics less than a month away team USA called on representatives from the 51st state to participate in an exhibition game Friday night in Las Vegas.

Carmelo Anthony Team USA

Despite being banged up; LeBron James missed the game due to an ankle injury, Dwight Howard is coming off a stress factor to his sternum and Dwayne Wade missed the majority of the 2008 season with a bad knee (climbing onto Star Jones each night takes its toll on your body), the USA beat the Canadaians and their universal healthcare 120-65.

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ASU Cheerleaders In Undies; Harrison Packs Heat

Orange Julius Jones Soda - make it so, Seattle soft drink distributors!

• Arizona State is bedeviled by some snapshots of their cheerleaders showing off in their skivvies.

Arizona State Cheerleaders cut for racy photos on internet

(Photo back by popular demand)

• Apparently, Marvin Harrison is not the calm, cool customer we thought he was.

Jim Rice boils at Torii Hunter’s claims that Red Sox fans are racist.

• Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie likes ‘em young.

Joe Buck & Tim McCarver are taken for a ride by the Feds. Unfortunately, they brought McCarver back.

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The Dwyane Wade and Star Jones Crisis: Day 72

(For those of you playing along at home, this is exactly how “Nightline” got started. America Held Hostage and all that. There’s similarities. Don’t judge.)

New Video: Will Brinson of AOL FANHOUSE has the latest video of Dwyane Wade blushing (?) about his new “special friend with unspeakable privileges” on TNT last night as Charles Barkley rides Wade so hard about this that his Five becomes a Six.

Dwyane Wade and Star Jones

New(ish) Photo: The AP has dug up a photo from the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, FL, last month. We… uhm, we’re sorry.

Old Tidbit: Did you know that Star Jones used to be an attorney? It’s true. Just ask her. Or stand around her for 45 seconds. She’ll tell you.

Old Tidbit #2: Did you know Dwyane Wade used to play basketball professionally? It’s true. Just ask him. Please. Please remind him he used to play basketball professionally. We miss that guy.

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Wade Star-Gazing?; Rose Not So Sweet After Fight

Wrigleyville merchants selling offensive t-shirts? Bet they reply, “Me so solly!”

Dwyane Wade dating Star Jones? How in the world did this happen?

Dwyane Wade Star Jones

Derrick Rose isn’t looking so good for the NBA Draft, after losing a fight with a guy over a gal.

Marty Brennaman, tell us how you really feel about Cubs fans.

• Turns out Will Perdue is not a big fan of sports bloggers. Will Mark Cuban offer him a contract?

• Buy me some peanuts and turkey testicles, I don’t care if I ever get back…

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G.W.H.T.I.T.: Dwyane Wade Is Dating Star Jones?

G.W.H.T.I.T. = God We Hope This Isn’t True.

Star Jones Dating Dwyane Wade?

In another coup, the (ever-reliable) reporting site also breaks the news that Wade apparently now is spelling his first name D-W-A-Y-N-E.

This may be a signal that it’s indeed time for us to move from Miami back to L.A., since quite obviously Wade feels there are no longer any bipedal forms in the 305 containing feminine characteristics. Read more…