Penn St. Player Says He Was Touching, Not Pulling

Last week, we bounced along news of a Penn State basketball player being charged with masturbating in the library. But now the b-baller is trying to defend himself against the off-court personal foul call.

Stanley Pringle Penn State hand lotion

AOL FANHOUSE via THE DAILY COLLEGIAN follows up on Stanley Pringle’s reported lewdness in the library. He denied doing any raunchy reach-in, claiming he was just touching his private parts but not pulling:

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Penn State B-Baller Commits Hand Foul In Library

A Penn State basketball player allegedly committed a very personal foul during a recent visit to the university library.

Stanley Pringle Penn State

(Stanley sure knows how to grip those balls.)

THE DAILY COLLEGIAN reports that Stanley Pringle has been charged with public lewdness and disorderly conduct for an incident last Thursday involving a female library patron:

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