Brooke Hundley Used Craigslist To Harass Phillips

As details of the utterly botched affair between Steve Phillips and Brooke Hundley emerge, two patterns seem to become clearer. One: Phillips probably had no business ever hooking up with a 22-year-old, much less a co-worker. Two: He certainly underestimated Hundley’s crazy.

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips
(Still say this relationship could work.)

As the NEW YORK POST continues its investigation, it looks like Hundley’s posing as a high school classmate of Phillips’ son wasn’t an isolated incident; she appears to have a knack for assuming new identities online, identities crafted for the sole purpose of getting into the Phillips’ life and breaking up the marriage. Next stop: CRAIGSLIST.COM; why, where else is someone supposed to hire a phone stalker for $50?

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People Would Be Happy To Stalk This Cheerleader

Let’s end the day with the bizarre story of a University of Florida cheerleader who falsely claimed she was being stalked. Turned out she was kind of stalking herself. And she got arrested. Nice.

Lauren Beard

See, Lauren Beard doesn’t look all that crazy. The GAINESVILLE SUN tells us otherwise. Read more…