$115 Mil For Field For America’s 7th Favorite Sport

$115 MIL TO BUILD FOR AMERICA’S 7TH FAVORITE SPORT: The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER passes around the idea of a new $115 million soccer stadium for the City of Brotherly Love:

Philadelphia Atoms soccer

The Pennsylvania legislature is being asked to kick in $45 million in state funds to help build a home for a potential Major League Soccer team.Investors are looking to place the new digs on riverfront land in the nearby town of Chester. It would be following in the footsteps of other MLS clubs planting new fields in suburban areas. The L.A. Galaxy calls neighboring Carson home, while the Chicago Fire set up shop in suburban Bridgeview

Is such soccer spending a wise investment? Just ask Steve Winter, whose company helps promote D.C. United:

It still is America’s fifth sport. Or sixth if you throw in NASCAR. Seventh if you throw in lacrosse.”

Eagles Fan

And it would be just one more sports franchise for Philly fans to get flustered over.

UCF Stadium Bounces When Fans Jump Around

UCF FANS KEEP NEW STADIUM REALLY ROCKIN’ & ROLLIN’: Excitement with the University of Central Florida football team and new stadium have fans shaking in the stands - literally:

UCF fans

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports that seat-dwellers at Bright House Networks Stadium have discovered that strong & simultaneous jumping can make the stands bounce.

UCF bounce graphic

Fans get into the rocking rhythm when Zombie Nation is played over the loudspeakers. Some have nicknamed the new stadium “The Trampoline”.

Some spectators are worried that the bombardment of bouncing could be causing structural damage. But UCF officials and engineers say they’ve inspected the stadium, and The Trampoline appears to be safe.

Bright House Stadium will be bouncing again on Saturday, as a capacity crowd is expected to see the Golden Knights take on Tulsa in the Conference USA Championship Game.

Cowboys Charging $150,000 For PSLs At New Stadium

A$$ IMPLANTS, LIPO COSTS GO THRU (RETRACTABLE) ROOF: The Temple of Jerry Jones is now going up in Dallas, and the DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports that Mr. Jones has set the price for fans to have the right to buy tickets in his personal shrine to plastic surgery: $150,000.

Dallas Cowboys New Stadium Features Liposuction

Keep in mind, that is a personal seat license and doesn’t includes tickets, which will go for $340 apiece. The previous high for a PSL in the NFL? $5,000.

Jerry Jones Plastic Surgery

We know Jer needs to go back in for ass implants and some light lipo, but that price seems a little steep.

New Mets Ballpark Panned By Feng Shui Expect

OUR DOWSING RODS WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH MR. MET: The NEW YORK POST recently had a feng shui expert, someone named Judith Wendell, evaluate the two new ballyards coming to New York: Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium.

Citi Field

Apparently Ms. Wendell’s study concluded before Hank Steinbrenner picked out his corner office, as the Yankees’ new address got passing grades from the charlatan proprietor of the fake Asian tradition. And in a major upset, one of the facilities was scolded for a misguided design.

Feng Shui

Despite not even been allowed into the stadium, Ms. Wendell, who appropriately was “accidentally sprayed by a passing water truck” as she inspected Citi Field’s construction site, said her “dowsing rod” picked up “disturbed energy“.

Lastings Milledge Myspace Page Photos

But of course there’s a perfect explanation for the downturn of her dowsing rod. She had obviously struck upon the future locker location of Lastings Milledge.