Rat Problems Infecting Minor League Ballparks

AH, RATS! BALLPARK VERMIN SENT DOWN TO THE MINORS: Turns out Angel Stadium hasn’t been the only SoCal ballpark to get ratted out for sanitary problems:

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CBS2.COM and the RIVERSIDE PRESS-ENTERPRISE report that four area minor league stadiums were found with various violations in their food services. Although the parks received overall passing grades, inspectors have written up numerous health offenses.The worst offender has been the Lake Elsinore Storm, who averaged just over 4 violations per inspection. The Riverside County team had been cited on 26 of the 41 inspections made at the Lake Elsinore Diamond since 2004, including 8 cases of “rodent/insect infestation”.

Relish Rats

It got so bad that last season, health officials closed the park’s third-base concession. One inspector reported seeing rat droppings throughout the stand, including relish packets that were eaten through by the verminous visitors.(Looks like we’ll stick with mustard, thank you.)

Although the Storm is an affiliate of the San Diego Padres, the single-A squad should expect a new player & pest development contract offered by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Orange County Sanitation Department.