Bobblefoot Salutes Sen. Craig’s Stall Adventures

Oh, those wacky St. Paul Saints have done it again! The minor league team that brought the world the Michael Vick dog chew toy has come up with a new novel giveaway - and it’s certain to be flush with success.

St. Paul Saints bathroom bobblefoot

The latest lunacy from the minds at Midway Stadium is this bathroom bobblefoot - much like the bobblehead, only it’s the other end of the body that bounces. The collectible features a pair of feet sticking out below a bathroom stall, with one of the feet spring-loaded so it taps.

The Saints say the giveaway is in honor of National Tap Dancing Day. But Bob von Sternberg of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE knows that the keepsake is a subtle shot at a certain sullied senator: Read more…

Minor League Team To Give Out Vick Chew Toys

MINOR LEAGUE GIVEAWAY TELLS VICK TO CHEW ON THIS: Always ones to hound on current events, the St. Paul Saints will soon be giving away a Michael Vick dog chew toy:

Michael Vick dog chew toy

The idea came from Vick’s recent indictment on dogfighting charges and the ensuing public backlash. The toys will have the colors of the Atlanta Falcons and include Vick’s number 7. The Saints’ director of media relations explained, “It’s a way for our fans to let their dogs get back at Michael Vick.”

Long Beach Armada curb your dog

The promotion comes on the heels of the Long Beach Armada’s “Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day.” Originally, Vick jerseys and shirts were to be collected and cast into a post-game bonfire. But citing “logistics concerns”, Vick apparel was used instead as pooper scoopers for the free canine attendees.

The dog toy is just one more example of the Saints’ holy attitude towards God’s creatures. In fact, the team has a pig on the payroll, who delivers new baseballs to the umps.

St. Paul Saints pig

But it’s doubtful that Garrison Squealor would enjoy doing the same job delivering footballs for the Vikings. Those pigskins might be someone he knows.