Blog-O-Rama: Pete Carroll Flees From Facebook

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY can’t face up to the fact that Pete Carroll’s Facebook page is no more.

Young Pete Carroll at Arkansas

(Pete’s last-known Facebook photo)

• MJD of YAHOO SPORTS gets a paper cut, as he finds the form to attend Duke University Flopping Camp.

• The COLUMBIA TRIBUNE shows how Missouri football is fast-becoming a big-time program, as a sophomore Tigers linebacker gets arrested for pulling out a gun.

Girl peeing in bleachers

• JOE SPORTS FAN isn’t so relieved to find a female baseball fan squatting in the stands.

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SbB Gives A Toast For A Happy St. Patrick’s Day

SbB Girls Crystal and Annie know the right way to celebrate on March 17:

SbB Girls Crystal Annie Guinness