Here’s A Shock: NFL Execs Don’t Like The Pats

In what has to be the least-shocking NFL development of the year — ok, second-least shocking behind Pacman Jones starting another fracas — it’s starting to look like NFL league officials are not fond of the Patriots … and really like the Jets and Brett Favre.


(What? You mean the NFL is sick of this guy? Really?)

I know, it’s shocking. When you pick your jaw up off the floor, explains how we finally know that the NFL is pulling for the success of the New York franchises, particularly since a certain number 4 is slinging the ball around in a green and white jersey these days. Both NFL V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson and another league official walked down the tunnel beneath Gillette Stadium to congratulate Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum after the Jets’ overtime victory against the Patriots last Thursday.

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Curt Schilling Wants You To Know: “Yanks Suck”

Good to see Curt Schilling is keeping busy. The Red Sox pitcher took time out from doing absolutely nothing to call Boston radio station WEEI and force his thoughts on the Tom Brady injury down our throats. And why shouldn’t he? He was last relevant in 2004, after all.

Curt Schilling

Apparently, there was much celebration across the five boroughs as Brady lay on the Gillette Stadium turf clutching his knee last Sunday. Which prompted Schilling into action.

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Arlen Spector Really Has Nothing Better To Do

We’re coming up on a pretty important time in our country. In less than two months we’re going to be deciding who the next person to run this land from sea to shining sea is going to be. It’s going to be an incredibly historic election as well, because no matter what happens, we’re either going to have our first black President, or our first female Vice President.

Over the last few weeks, millions of Americans have been tuning into both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to find out each candidates plans on fixing things. Trivial things like national security, the failing economy, and of course the environment. You know who probably wasn’t listening, though? Pennsylvania senator Arlen Spector. He could care less about all those so called “issues.” What he wants to know is how we’re going to save the NFL from those no good cheating New England Patriots.

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Writer Who Broke Super Bowl Spying Out Of Work

The New York Giants didn’t beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. No, it was the BOSTON HERALD’s John Tomase and his February 2nd story about the Pats taping the Rams’ walkthrough before Super Bowl XXXVI that caused New England to fall short of a perfect season.

Boston Herald Sorry Pats

Eli Manning’s very un-Eli-like fourth quarter performance, David Tyree’s spectacular catch, and the Giants’ pass rush had nothing to do with the Pats waiting until SB XLII to lose a game. It was the ink on the page found under the byline that read “John Tomase” that caused Tom Brady, Randy Moss and crew to lose.

At least that’s what the Pats fans have been thinking since February. (PATS FANS.COM’s Official John ‘Borges’ Tomase Should Be Fired Thread” was born on February 6). Fuel was added to the fire this spring when former member of the Patriots’ video staff Matt Walsh handed over eight tapes, yet the Rams’ walkthrough was not one of them. According to PRO FOOTBALL TALK, it looks as though Patriots fans’ wish has come true.

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Joey Porter Wants Asterisk On Pats’ Super Bowls

When Joey Porter isn’t sending his dogs out to chew on toy horses, he’s sounding off on SpyGate.

Joey Porter Dolphins

Porter played on the Steelers team that lost to the Patriots in the 2001 AFC Championship, and he may still be a little bitter. Read more…

Tucker Points Out Patriots Practiced Players On IR

NFL-veteran-turned-SI-columnist Ross Tucker reiterated that Patriots coach Bill Belichick had practiced players on injured reserve, which would have violated league rules.

Bill Belichick cheaties

He stuck with his recent SI story during an appearance on ESPN’s NFL LIVE that he had seen the practice firsthand when he played with the Patriots in 2005. Read more…

Steve Young Wants Weis To Spill On Spygate Stuff

As Spygate rumbles along, former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis hasn’t said much about it - and it sounds like he won’t be saying anything at all.

Charlie Weis Sgt. Schultz Hogan's Heroes

(I know NOTHING!”)

But as PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports, there is one young gun that wants to hear the current Notre Dame coach shoot his mouth off about the whole affair - a Young gun by the name of Steve. Read more…

Blog Jam: Barkley Calls Magic Coach ‘Ron Jeremy’

• ODENIZED gets a rise out of Charles Barkley, who tells his TNT audience that Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy looks a lot like Ron Jeremy.

Stan Van Gundy Ron Jeremy

• WALKOFF WALK sings the praises of the Pirates’ Jason Bay - to the high-pitched tune of a Beatles classic.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS is sole-d on Chris Leak’s BCS Championship shoes up for bids on eBay, with a buy-it-now price of only $10,000.

• DEADSPIN is bedeviled that the Rays are in first in the AL East.

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Matt Walsh Steps Forward, Reveals…Nothing New

So that Matt Walsh - Roger Goodell meeting that we’ve all been waiting to happen? Yesterday, it finally did.

Matt Walsh Spygate Patriots

Among the new revelations were…nothing, really.

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Blog-O-Rama: I Have No Idea What Your Line Is

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