Survivor: NFL Boaters Let Sea Sweep Them Away

• The lone survivor of the NFL Florida boat wreck says Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper took off their life jackets & let the sea sweep them away.

Nick Schuyler NFL boat survivor

• Former New Orleans Saints RB Deuce McAllister is having a hell of a time with his car dealership in Mississippi.

• Good news: The Baltimore Orioles want to give you a free ticket for your birthday. Bad news: It’s for a Baltimore Orioles game.

• A couple of Wisconsin kids are in trouble for taking a whiz in sodas sold at a high school basketball game.

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Lasorda Lumbers Into (& Out Of) Dodgers’ Dugout

Tommy Lasorda was back in the Dodgers dugout on Tuesday. Two innings later, he was back out.

Tommy Lasorda Arguing

(Looks like someone stopped taking their Slim Fast)

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports on the Hall of Famer managing the Blue Crew for the first time in 12 years, while regular boss Joe Torre takes a trip to China. And it wouldn’t be a Tommy Lasorda game without Tommy arguing with the umps. Read more…

Bosox Scout Pulls Out His Dick Williams In Public

WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach today reports that former major league catcher and current Red Sox scout Jessie Levis has been “accused of committing a lewd act in a hotel room that overlooked the pool where at least two teenage girls saw him was arrested Monday, police said Tuesday.

Jessie Levis

Levis, 39, faces two felony counts of committing lewd and lascivious acts in the precense of children less than 16.”

Sounds awful, but at least Levis has Red Sox Hall of Fame company! Read more…