Wife Bites Husband Over Florida-Georgia Game

Apparently a gator bites harder than a bulldog. Police say a couple in Neptune Beach (you were expecting anywhere other than northern Florida) got into a fight during Florida’s blowout of Georgia on Saturday. When he got his bags and tried to leave, she did what any self-respecting UF fan would: she bit him. Not gave him the tired old Gator Chomp gesture, but actually bit him. On the freaking thigh.

Veronica Hairston

Veronica Hairston, pictured above with either a bruise or a Gators sticker under her eye (neither would surprise me), then allegedly punched her husband several times and fled from the Days Inn where they were staying. Come for the world’s largest cocktail party! Stay for the world’s funniest domestic abuse! Read more…

Selig’s Call: “It’s Only My Wife, I’ll Punch Her Out”

Bud Selig doesn’t like to be bothered at work - especially by his wife.

BUGS AND CRANKS slaps up a clip from a recent press conference with the Commish. As he speaks to the enthralled media, Bud gets interrupted by a cell phone call. He sees who it is, and plans what to do about it afterwards:

It’s only my wife. I’ll punch her out.”

Yikes. Maybe she was calling to apologize for burning the roast last night. Guess Mrs. Selig will have another black eye to explain to the neighbors.

Meanwhile, Bud went to unwind after the press conference by having a couple of beers with Rick Dempsey.