UGA, Okla. State Won’t Hold Pregame Handshake

Nice to see the college football season get off to such a dramatic start. Actually, it wasn’t that nice to see Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount slug Boise State DE Byron Hout after Thursday night’s contest. The whole ironic thing about Blount bopping Byron is that the game began with a ceremonial handshake between Ducks & Broncos players - a gesture designed to help promote sportsmanship.

no handshake

But seeing how such a show of goodwill concluded with a player coldclocking an opponent, Georgia and Oklahoma State have decided not to hold their own pregame handshake.

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Hoop Team’s Gesture Touches Grieving Player

With guys ‘roiding up all over the place and other guys driving around at 90 MPH with their small child in the back seat, it’s nice to hear a heartwarming story out of the world of sports every once in a while. And this story out of Milwaukee is one of those that can restore your faith in the meaning of sports.

Johntrell Franklin

Johntell Franklin, an 18-year-old senior basketball player at Madison High School in Milwaukee, lost his 39-year-old mother to cancer the afternoon of February 7th, just a couple of hours before his team was scheduled to play a home game against DeKalb High School from Illinois. Franklin declined his coach’s suggestion that the game be postponed. What happened the rest of the night is something that he — nor anyone in attendance that night — will ever forget.

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High School Football Player Stabs Opponent During Post-Game Handshake

HS FOOTBALLER TAKES A STAB AT POST-GAME HANDSHAKE: Nothing like a handshake after a hard-fought game to soothe the bitterness between football rivals. So, what better time than this to stab somebody:

Football Handshake

SHAKEDOWN SPORTS cuts to the chase, as a Maryland high school player took advantage of the traditional show of sportsmanship to knife an opponent.The WASHINGTON POST reports that a 17-year-old from Blake High School took a small folding knife from his pocket, and when a player from Magruder High offered his hand, the Blake player cut him.

Swiss Army Knife

The Blake bastard then tried to attack another opponent, all because Magruder had won the game.The cops say the sudden slash wasn’t sought at anyone specific. A police spokesman commented, “There’s no talk of an explicit motive. The implied motive here is team rivalry.” Well, that’s a relief.

It’s one thing to be true to your school, but to take a stab at second-degree assault charges for it?