SbB@3: Lady Wrestlers, Somali Pirates And You

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If you’re like me, you long for the days of old school AWA wrestling circa 1988, which featured stars such as Curt Henning, Sean Michaels and Sgt. Slaughter. ESPN Classic revisits that magical time this week, but you’re probably not going to see Hulk Hogan or the Road WarriorsVince MacMahon and Jim Crockett had taken them to their respective competing leagues by then.

Wait, I just remembered — I didn’t watch wrestling in 1988. Then how do I know this stuff? Weird. More bad TV following the jump. Read more…

SbB@3: More Denise Austin, Less Balloon Boy!

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This week on a very special What You Won’t Watch, Fitness dominatrix Denise Austin — who has become a regular here — convinces you to stretch in ways you never thought possible. Also, horribly putrid college football, constructing a Donald Trump combover, and “CBS Early Show” hosts annoy the nine-year-old kid who made that amazing hockey goal. Read more…