Nude Female Streaker Gets Help From Grandpa?

I confess my St. Patrick’s Day was rather uneventful this year. I made the unfortunate decision to hang out with a couple of young ladies who, though lovely, prevented me from testing my “drinkability” acumen with the usual band of random burnouts here on Venice Beach.

Nude Female Streaker Gets Help From Grandpa

Can’t say the same for those who attended the Guinness Premiership match between the London Irish and Northampton Saints at Madejski Stadium in Reading, England, on St. Pat’s.

They were treated this lovely lass uncovering her loins for all to see.

Nude Female Streaker Gets Help From Grandpa

In addition to her performance on the field, thankfully someone had a vidcam handy to provide us with the anatomy of her pitch-crashing preparation.  (Very NSFW video after the jump) Read more…

Female Streaker At Phillies Game Gets Rockies Off

Last night’s Phillies-Rockies game featured a female streaker, who sadly only felt the need to remove her shirt (or was it a jacket?) as she pranced past security.

Phillies Rockies Streaker

The appearance proved two things: Phillies management might consider limiting their highly-trained, well-compensated Citizens Bank Park security detail to less than six hot dogs per nine innings.*

And it’s obvious that the one area that Europe has us beat in the pro sports genre is female streakers (video after jump slightly NSFW): Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Aussie Cricketer Assaults Streaker

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE uncovers photos of an Australian cricketer clocking a streaker.

Australian cricketer hits streaker

• SIGNAL TO NOISE knows Randy Moss’ return to the Patriots can only mean good things for Tom Brady.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT cashes in word that a fantasy football site still owes its winners $450,000.

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