HBO Dipping Toes Back In Sports Comedy Pool?

There’s a reason popular art is cyclical. Everyone from the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant runs out of ideas; even the beginning of this sentence is stolen. When in dire straights, executives take old ideas, put a shiny new twist on it, and trot them out as fresh products. So it’s no surprise that HBO, in desperate need of a hit, is once again considering dipping into the well that is “sports comedy”, whatever weird niche that is.


(Their last shot.)

BC BEAT is reporting that Ross Greenburg, the president of HBO SPORTS, has made it clear he plans on pursuing a new original “sports comedy show” for the network. But that’s not all, kids. He’s also looking to somehow get the Internets to give him feedback!

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Speed Read: Yeah, That Really Just Happened

If the Boston Red Sox were a TV show, they would have been canceled long ago, because everyone would agree that the plot twists have just gotten to zany, too unrealistic, too unbelievable. Basically, they would be the second season of Lost or Heroes (or for you uber-nerds, the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Boston Red Sox

I mean, you expect me to believe that they came back from seven runs down with seven outs remaining in their season? Please. Next thing you’ll tell me the Smoke Monster is David Ortiz.

Tampa Bay Rays reliever Dan Wheeler

But, here it is Friday morning, and I’ll be damned if we aren’t going to have some baseball played this weekend. Rarely has a team taking a 3-2 lead back home for the final two games of a series looked so beaten.¬† But that’s what happens when you’re the Tampa Bay Rays and you blow a 7-0 lead and a chance to close out the series.

It’s like they had been under hypnosis since Game 2 and had told that they were the Murder’s Row Yankees. Then suddenly someone snapped their fingers in the seventh inning and woke them up, causing them to realize that they were, in fact, the Tampa Bay Rays, and what the hell are they doing seven outs from the World Series?

Now…if you had told Rays manager Joe Maddon before the start of the series that they be up 3-2, needing to win one of two games at home to go to the World Series, I’m sure he would have taken that offer. But watching Craig Sager conduct the interviews/postmortems¬† in the Rays’ locker room after the game, I have no reason to believe that Tampa Bay has any chance. They looked so shell shocked, it’s going to be a victory just getting on their uniforms on Saturday without putting their jerseys on backwards.

Here’s some other interesting stories from the sports world last night. You’ll excuse me while I try to talk the Fox network executives off of the ledge and convince them it’s safe to come back inside now:

Oregon Duck cheerleaders

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Sports, Comedy, Versus - What Could Go Wrong?

The channel that brings you hockey, rodeo, and Ted Nugent is about to bring you a brand new show that you can’t find in your cable guide. E! figures that The Soup is so popular with people who watch E! that surely a sports version of the show will be a smash hit - except they don’t want to put something so “manly” on E! This is a network anchored by Ryan Seacrest, after all.


Versus will debut a show called Sports Soup in mid-October. It will run twice a week and be hosted by some guy named Matt Iseman. And, given his canned press release quote about the show, it appears as if Iseman might be facing an uphill battle with sports fans (most of whom don’t watch E!, just in case you hadn’t noticed that, E!).

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