Ana Ivanovic Becoming A New Anna Kournikova?

• Is Ana Ivanovic gradually turning into Anna Kournikova, at least in terms of tennis winnability?

Ana Ivanovic Anna Kournikova

• WNBA star Candace Parker says she’s conscious of what she eats. But she won’t remain conscious for long by scarfing down some In ‘n’ Out.

• Irate Irish fans use billboard to complain about Charlie Weis.

• Could the Big Ten be bringing a bowl game to Yankee Stadium?

A-Rod talks to teens about steroid abuse. Ironic or inspirational?

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40% Of Sports Journalists Bet? YOU DON’T SAY!

Good news, people. The researchers at Duh Institute have come up with some sensational, ground-breaking news. Apparently the journalists tasked with bringing us coverage of high-profile sporting events sometimes derive pleasure by betting on them!

Brent Musberger

(A fine journalist, this man, and that’s all we’re saying about him.)

The EDITOR & PUBLISHER was the first to break the news on this phenomenon, which completely takes everybody by surprise. Here, we thought talking heads were endlessly fawning in praise over certain teams because, well, they just really like them. It turns out they may have a different motive.

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