Sports Station Takes ‘Idol’ Approach To Reporting

Like most sports fans, you’ve probably found yourself yelling at the dolts on the local sports radio station at one time or another. Whether it’s a talk show host railing against new media, bloviating against Milton Bradley, or just flat-out yelling about god knows what, there comes a point where you find yourself staring in disbelief at the Blaupunkt in the dash, yelling “I could do better than that!”

SNL Superfans

(Hard-hitting Chicago sports journalism.)

In honor (or not) of last night’s “American Idol” finale, now’s the chance for fans to put their money where their mouth is, as a Chicago sports radio station is giving fans the opportunity to win an on-air reporter job in a month-long Idol-meets-”Dream Jobtrainwreck competition. What could possibly go wrong?

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Nuclear F-Bombs Liven Up Sports Radio (w/ Audio)

If there were a poll of “localities with the most boring sports radio possible,” Central Iowa would definitely receive a fair amount of votes (North Dakota, as always, retains their title in a runaway). Without a pro team and surrounded by mediocre-to-awful college teams, there just isn’t much for the on-air talent to talk about. Then their studio begins to resemble a prison, a dimly lit cell where tensions run high and hygienes run low.

Tirrell and young lady
(The F-bomber in Chicago… and the shorts that may have inspired him)

So when there’s a breaking point, oh god, does it ever break. Witness the calamity that unfolded on Des Moines’ KXNO, an ESPN Radio affiliate. The principal parties in this sh-tstorm are hosts Marty Tirrell and Larry Cotlar, and they seem to be fighting over, um, media credentials used at a high school basketball game. Yeah, seems benign, right? Apparently not; Tirrell was enraged enough to scream, according to the DES MOINES REGISTER, “over a dozen” effenheimers at Cotlar over a commercial break. One slight problem: the mics were still live.

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ESPN Radio Wants $100,000 From Local Affiliates

ESPN is one of the great American business success stories of our generation. The company has gone from a small public access outfit in rural Connecticut to Disney’s most consistently profitable subsidiary. And it’s no coincidence.

Mike and MIke

(20,000 five-dollar-footlongs … or this? Umm, can you hold the mayo?)

At virtually every turn, ESPN/Diz execs have slowly built out the brand into a sports media monopoly.

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Tim Brando To Radio Caller: You Shut The Hell Up

For those of you who have always thought CBS sportscaster Tim Brando was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode, you need not wait any longer. Brando, who is perhaps best known for his basketball catchphrase “the iron unkind,” was the guest on a radio show on Tuesday and absolutely destroyed a caller who challenged his opinion.

Tim Brando

Here’s how it went: on the Paul Finebaum Show, which is a syndicated sports talk show throughout the Southeast, a caller who is an Auburn fan challenged Brando about his contention that the university had become a joke for hiring Gene Chizik (and really, it’s not like Brando is the first person to come up with this). What follows is hilariously frightening. I wonder if Brando has gone off like this on Mike Gminski.

Transcription and audio after the jump:

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How To Win a Sports Radio War? Implied Nudity!

I was in the sports radio game for many years, on-air and as a program director. So I have a pretty good idea of what sports radio guys go through in trying to make a station work, and work well. I must confess though that I might now be behind the current industry learning curve, if Detroit’s WDFN-AM is any indication.

WDFN Implied Nudity On Station Website

In the Motor City, you have two competing sports stations: WXYT and WDFN. XYT carries a lot of play-by-play, so you can guarantee vanilla talk shows as management is afraid of upsetting the teams the station broadcasts. WDFN has only Pistons PBP, so the approach is quite different. Especially on the station’s website. Read more…

Brog: SbB Soon Appearing More On Sports Radio

I’m going to get back to doing weekly radio hits soon. I worked in sports radio as a show host, play-by-play guy and even Program Director (ugh) for 16 years in the biz. I burned out after that long run, which is one of the reasons I started SbB (and am I ever glad I did!).

SbB Girls Radio Montage

(SbB Girls aren’t part of the deal. Just nice excuse for fun Friday montage)

But I still enjoy going on and talking sports celebrity gossip with show hosts, so if you’re interested in having me on once in awhile, contact me here about it. I’m also planning on setting up some regular stations, maybe one-per-day to start out. And for those appearances, I’ll link the stations I’m appearing on in the Brog and on a special page, in addition to linking the audio from the interview.

So if your station (sports radio, FM morning show, newstalker) wants more mad internet love than a webcam tranny, let me know and we’ll get to having some fun on a weekly basis.

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Sports Radio Guy Bedded Down Playboy Playmate

We all know how hot and sexy sports radio guys can be, so it should come as no surprise that MIKE RESPONTS is reporting Vegas sports radio host Paul Howard used to date upcoming Playboy Playmate Monica Chairez:

Monica Chairez

Howard dated Monica Chairez when she was an up and coming Las Vegas model. Now Chairez is scheduled to be a centerfold in an upcoming issue of Playboy

Up and coming Las Vegas model” = Permanent keycard holder to Champagne Room at the O.G..

You’ll be shocked to know that Chairez has since discarded Howard, well before she got her big *break* as a nudie model. We also can’t confirm the veracity of the claim, as Howard’s credit card receipts and ATM withdrawls during the time of the alleged relationship have not yet been made available to the public.

Rory Markas Lauren Sanchez

That unlikely couple reminds of the long-forgotten Rory Markas-Lauren Sanchez (above) coupling here in Los Angeles. … anyone?

And while there are high-fives due all around for Howard, by the looks of Chairez’s test shots, you no longer have to wonder how far Playboy has fallen.

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports today that, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were spotted having dinner with his folks at an Olive Garden in Janesville, Wis.” PEOPLE magazine reports than when the reservation was phoned in, the staff thought it was “a big joke.”

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

Hey! Leave Jessica’s dad Joe out of this!

Baseball Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson on the Dan Patrick Radio Show today on if the Barry Bonds #756 baseball will be displayed with the asterisk showing: “We feel it would be disengenious to accept the baseball and display it without the asterisk so that’s what we’ll do.” (audio)

Who do you think will be more irrelevant in five years, Bonds or Marc Ecko?

Not mentioned in our post yesterday about the USA TODAY piece on Mark McGwire: “If McGwire makes the Hall, the Cardinals will unveil the bronze statue of him that is sitting in a downtown St. Louis warehouse.”

Think that statue was commissioned before McGwire refused to “talk about the past” before Congress? (hello world’s largest doorstop!)

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ATP To Tour Misogynist: Please Make It Gimelstob

Most casual observers remember Justin Gimelstob as a fairly ordinary ATP tour member and currently know him as a contributor to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’S web site, writing his “Gimel Takes All” column. Well, let’s just say the current member of the ATP’s board of directors doesn’t think too highly of some of the players on the women’s tour.

Justin Gimelstob kisses the net

(Gimelstob definitely kisses the nets at Wimbledon with that mouth.)

The UK’s DAILY MAIL reveals that Gimelstob unleashed some rather coarse language towards several players in a radio interview, calling Tatiana Golovin and Alize Cornet “sexpots”, but reserving his maximum vitriol towards Anna Kournikova, using the famed B-word. He also served up some more choice bon mots towards the Russian, whom he trained with as a junior.

Some digging by yours truly revealed the interview was in Washington, D.C., with WJFK-FM’s Junkies on June 18th, which has been archived for posterity, thankfully.

Host: “[Kournikova] already knows she’s playing you on the 23rd?”
Gimelstob: “Probably. She might not even be smart enough to read the schedule.”

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Brog: What About Kimbo Slice’s Nissan Sentra?

Found via the forum at, a map of where some celebrities live in Miami:

Celeb Map Miami

(Map link - look at bottom of second forum response)

I’m also a little perplexed that Kimbo Slice’s Nissan Sentra parked outside the Dairy Queen on Alton Road isn’t push-pinned (if you’re one of the last living souls unaware that he lived in his car, we apologize).

Also, will someone, ANYONE give props to Dan Le Batard? Forget Youtube, he’s the man who manufactured and served up Kimbo Slice to the main media as legitimate (that means you, Kevin Iole).

Martin Rogers of YAHOO SPORTS reports on a crisis facing the tranny-owned Houston MLS franchise: Too many white players!

Team owner Oscar De La Hoya: “Right now, the majority of our players are Caucasian. We are looking at different options to bring in the best players from Mexico because of Houston having such a large Latino population. We want to maybe bring in a couple of players from Mexico and mix it up a little.

Saw this in a thread on the cradle-robbing practices of the New England Patriots.

Cheerleader Photo Fake or Real?

Fake or real? I’m guessing real.

I added that “Brooks” navigation box to the front page (top left) of the site today. Quick links to my posts, and a map where you can effectively stalk track my every move.

In case you haven’t figured it out, my new “Brog” is essentially some of my own personal observos about sports, with some stuff about the SbB site and my life thrown in. I’ve found that there were a lot of sports items that were slipping through the cracks. And I also wanted to have a place where you could find out what some of the future plans for the site were - and get reader feedback.

Speaking of SbB plans, I’m seriously considering putting out calendars of the SbB Girls in time for Christmas. I’m thinking we’d do 2-3 of them, with individual girls getting their own calendars.

Who are the girls I should consider? I have a pretty good idea, but let me know your feedback.

Or maybe I’ll just do a Kansas City-themed calendar!


Uh, anyone?

I may also do some SbB merch (shirts, hats) and other stuff you can buy. Like wallpapers of the SbB Girls. We have a store setup thing that we’re working on. For .99 cents on Paypal, you can buy a single wallpaper. We may also sell credits. Once you purchase the wallpaper, an email link is sent to you so you can download it.

I have millions of photos you haven’t seen, so that sounds like a good use for some of them. FYI: I also have shoots coming up in the next two months with three new SbB Girls - stay tuned. The first shoot is in mid-June. Read more…

Blog Pound: Will Candace Parker Save The WNBA?

  • Unsilent Majority wrote a WNBA post over at DEADSPIN. Beware of flying pigs during your morning commute tomorrow.

Candace Sparks WNBA

  • BRAHSOME has this Manchester riot video that’s been everywhere else lately. It’s worth another look. Read more…