Crazy Video: F1 Chief’s ‘Nazi Orgy’ With Hookers

If it wasn’t real, you’d swear the Lifetime channel had turned rather vicious over the last year. First, the world receives the gift that kept giving: Sen. Larry Craig, who proudly railed against gay marriage, gets caught in a tap dance that Gene Kelly would be proud of. Then, not to be outdone, Gov. Eliot Spitzer - famed crusader against crime - hires Jersey hookers repeatedly.

Max Mosely in Nazi orgy

(Not pictured: Ben Kingsley, Liam Neeson, anyone with a moral compass)

Now, just to prove that the British do sex scandal better than anyone, FIA President and Formula One Racing President Max Mosley destroyed fifty years of separation between himself and his fascist father’s past by recently being filmed re-enacting Holocaust death camp scenes for five hours with five prostitutes in London (NSFW unless you work in a bunker).

On to the necessarily vulgar (but sieg heilarious) details!

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