Why Won’t ESPN Pay Attention to Selena Roberts?

One of the biggest sports stories so far in 2009 has been the taking-down of Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer Selena Roberts. Whether or not you enjoyed the revelations of steroid abuse, stalking, and tipping pitches, you’ve got to admit that Roberts’ book has been worthy of the lead story on SportsCenter, in bars, and around the water cooler.

Selena Roberts Alex Rodriguez

So…why won’t ESPN talk to her?

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Hawks Coach Squawks About ESPNer’s Comments

Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson is a busy man these days. He just got done coaching his team to a not-so-epic Game Seven win against the Miami Heat, and now he’s got his hands even fuller trying to gameplan against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mike Woodson Jon Barry

With so much going on at the office, you wouldn’t think Woodson would have to time to hang out watching NBA analysis on ESPN. Turns out he does, and he was none too happy with what he heard come from ESPN analyst Jon Barry, who took some time out from cavorting with the Cuervo Girls to make some observations on the Hawks.

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Sports, Comedy, Versus - What Could Go Wrong?

The channel that brings you hockey, rodeo, and Ted Nugent is about to bring you a brand new show that you can’t find in your cable guide. E! figures that The Soup is so popular with people who watch E! that surely a sports version of the show will be a smash hit - except they don’t want to put something so “manly” on E! This is a network anchored by Ryan Seacrest, after all.


Versus will debut a show called Sports Soup in mid-October. It will run twice a week and be hosted by some guy named Matt Iseman. And, given his canned press release quote about the show, it appears as if Iseman might be facing an uphill battle with sports fans (most of whom don’t watch E!, just in case you hadn’t noticed that, E!).

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LA Times’ Plaschke Admits, “I Guess I Like Penis”

Bill Plaschke, best known for penning columns in the LOS ANGELES TIMES and television appearances on ESPN’s AROUND THE HORN, can now claim fame for uttering those immortal words, “I guess I like penis.”

Bill Plaschke

Plaschke and the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Kevin Pang decided to hit up a restaurant in Beijing that serves nothing but animal penis. Fortunately for all of us, they brought their camera along with them as they chow down on fine Chinese cuisine.

Video of Bill & Kevin’s Excellent Eating Adventure is after the jump.

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