Football Coach Smacks 11-Year-Old Player In Head

Ah, the great tradition of the postgame handshake line. Two teams arrange themselves single-file after a hard-fought battle and half-heartedly slap hands while muttering various incarnations of “good game.” It’s one of the rituals of sportsmanship, when you can put behind what just happened on the field and express appreciation for the spirit of competition. Or, if you’re a youth football coach in Missouri, it’s the perfect opportunity to whack a child in the head.

coach hitting youth football player

In a game between teams in the Park-Rock Football Association in suburban St. Louis, a coach for one team was apparently upset at one of the opposing team’s players. So he took it out on him by shoving him violently in the face during the aforementioned postgame exhange of pleasantries. Naturally, the whole thing was caught on video and immediately plastered on the Internet.

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