ATP To Tour Misogynist: Please Make It Gimelstob

Most casual observers remember Justin Gimelstob as a fairly ordinary ATP tour member and currently know him as a contributor to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’S web site, writing his “Gimel Takes All” column. Well, let’s just say the current member of the ATP’s board of directors doesn’t think too highly of some of the players on the women’s tour.

Justin Gimelstob kisses the net

(Gimelstob definitely kisses the nets at Wimbledon with that mouth.)

The UK’s DAILY MAIL reveals that Gimelstob unleashed some rather coarse language towards several players in a radio interview, calling Tatiana Golovin and Alize Cornet “sexpots”, but reserving his maximum vitriol towards Anna Kournikova, using the famed B-word. He also served up some more choice bon mots towards the Russian, whom he trained with as a junior.

Some digging by yours truly revealed the interview was in Washington, D.C., with WJFK-FM’s Junkies on June 18th, which has been archived for posterity, thankfully.

Host: “[Kournikova] already knows she’s playing you on the 23rd?”
Gimelstob: “Probably. She might not even be smart enough to read the schedule.”

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Ashley Harkleroad Is Back, Hotter Than Ever

She was once thought of as the next Anna Kournikova. Then she flamed out. And now she’s back. Bless Ashley Harkleroad’s heart.

ESPN.COM recently caught up with the now more mature, 22-year-old Harkleroad. She’s been through a divorce and several career stages.

But some things haven’t changed.

Serena Now Suffering From A (Very) Heavy Heart

If it’s full-on winter, it’s cold and rainy in L.A., people are throwing logs on the fire in Chicago, there’s a hint of ash in the air in Manhattan, and Serena Williams is busying herself with lining up excuses for tanking at the Australian Open.

Serena Williams

(Steel enclosure we’ll say!)

Not able to lament any current injuries (which is downright shocking), she instead has revealed on her website that she’s suffering from a broken heart - after getting dumped by a guy: “You cringe at these words. This is the very reason you begin to think why your heart was in that steel enclosure … because one day it always turns into this day. Tears finally come and they make you feel a little better, but the pain is piercing through your soul. Eventually you know you will try again, and eventually you know you will find the keys to your heart, but also in the back of your mind your think … it will happen again.

Now the question is, who dumped her? (work with us, today’s gotten slow)

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