AOL Sports Gets Blown Out, Fanhouse Takes Over

Interesting move today as AOL has decided to junk “AOL Sports” in favor of calling the online portal’s entire sports area “Fanhouse“. From Eric Fisher of SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL:

AOL Fanhouse Fantasy Girls

(Fanhouse Fantasy Comes True: Goodbye AOL Sports!)

AOL Sports today will relaunch a new site design, completing a previously announced transition to in which the AOL moniker will be removed. The shift is part of a broader corporate strategy in which AOL moves away from an Internet portal to become an online publisher of content sites. AOL Senior VP Marty Moe said, “We’re retiring the AOL brand, and we’re not a sports portal. This is about providing content with our own voice. Our competition is now any publisher and less directly the Yahoos and MSNs of the world.”

When everyone went crazy over “AOL Fanhouse” hiring Jay Mariotti, I didn’t get it, because Mariotti’s initial pieces were published at “AOL Sports”, not featured in the Fanhouse area. Now, I suppose, the initial announcement and reax make a little more sense.

New AOL Fanhouse Logo

(Quiz: New Logo For Fanhouse Or 2012 Winter Olympics in Sochi?)

AOL’s move is a nod to  just how much power the sports blog format, independent or otherwise, wields. Read more…