Nash Recycles Shoes and Old Television Shows

If that whole basketball thing doesn’t work out for Steve Nash, at least he has something to fall back on:

SPORTS BIZ reports that Nash’s production company, Meathawk, produced the above clip, a take on the old TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Read more…

Long Snapper Now Much More Than Aging Callgirl

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports on the Browns player with the highest salary cap number on the team: long snapper Ryan Pontbriand, at $8.8M (a cap number is the value of the player’s base salary plus the pro-rated portion of bonuses and incentive clauses contained in the contract).

Ryan Pontbriand

By giving Pontbriand (and other club vets) a bunch of incentive clauses that they have no chance to reach, the Brownies exploited a loophole in the league’s salary cap rules that have allowed the team to increase it’s salary cap by $10M - from $116M to $126M.

Pontbriand won’t come close to making $8 million, but he scored over $1M in signing bonus cash and earns over $1M per season for throwing a ball between his legs. And when describing his job that way, one realizes more than ever that whomever made up the position description “long snapper” was a true genius.