British Golf Fans Appalled At “American Disease”

Sky Sports golf writer Dave Tindall in London has a very long piece today that underlines the apparently still-vast cultural differences between the U.S. and the U.K.

Golfers Spitting

Tindall reports on the local outrage over the on-course hygiene of pro golfers. Namely, the Brits are pissed about all the spitting.

The other general concensus is that it appears to be, shall we say, an American disease.

What baffles many UK golf fans is that it’s not just the American young bucks (i.e. Dustin Johnson, whose phlegm levels were clearly set to high during his win at Pebble Beach) who are guilty but also some of the well-to-do veterans such as ‘Gentleman’ Jim Furyk.

Tiger Woods is a serial spitter too, prompting well-known cricket commentator Jack Bannister to tell Talksport viewers last week: “Tiger’s speech lasted 13 minutes and I think it’s the longest time I’ve seen him go without spitting.”

In short, it’s become an issue. In fact, the Sky Sports Golf team have been inundated with so many e-mails on the subject that it led the show’s presenter Robert Lee to declare: “Let’s start a campaign to stamp it out.” Read more…