Denver Broncos’ Spencer Larsen Goes Both Ways

In the pantheon of manliest Denver Broncos in franchise history, we have an immediate new entrant: Spencer Larsen, whom we’d never heard of and neither had you. Today, he became the first Bronco in team history to start on both offense and defense. Larsen lined up at middle linebacker today, then turned around and filled in at fullback.

Spencer Larsen

Unlike your Deion Sanderses and Champ Baileys, where the player must be in phenomenal shape but gets his uniform dirty about seven times a game, Larsen is playing two of the most brutal positions in the game. In each instance, the player must charge headlong into a mass of large, angry opponents, right where the play is going to occur. Neither is a position for the meek or weak-boned.

Oh, and he started on special teams too, because he’s really good at that (strongly recommended viewing in high quality). Read more…