HS Football, Naked Phone Molestation And You …

A football player at Willard High School in Norwalk, Ohio, is not only in trouble for racing around the team locker room nakedly molesting other players — for the second time — but also for apparently texting during his court appearance so various friends could blog about the case.

Willard High, home of the Crimson Flashes (this is true) does not put up with lockerroom shenanigans, especially when it includes a football player tearing a telephone receiver off of the wall, placing it in his Speedo and telling younger players “It’s a sex line. It’s for you.” Read more…

Anna Rawson Going Go Daddy; Japan Wins WBC

• Gorgeous Aussie golfer Anna Rawson is your newest Go Daddy Girl.

Anna Rawson

• Japan wins its second World Baseball Classic. Konnichiwa, bitches!

• If it’s not coaches molesting their younger players, it’s the coaches’ wives doing the dirty deed.

• Buy some vodka, get a free ticket to a Phoenix Coyotes game.

• Can the Raptors’ Chris Bosh beat the rap of being a deadbeat dad?

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Speedos Send School Swim Budgets Skyrocketing

Those form-squeezing Speedo swimsuits that was such a boon at Beijing seem to be on the way out of the Olympics. But the sleek swimwear has found a new home in the collegiate swimming ranks.

Michael Phelps Speedo

With the success the swimsuits have had in setting world records - 82 new marks since the LZR suit was introduced last year - you would think college coaches & programs would dive right in in acquiring as many Speedos as possible. But there are a few concerns floating around out there.

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Blog Jam: There’s a Bill Belichick Sex Tape? Barf!

• DEADSPIN shares disturbing word that there might be a Bill Belichick sex tape floating around. The goggles, they would do nothing!

Bill Belichick

• MERKIN SPORTS can’t wait to dine at Brett Hull & Mike Modano’s new restaurant. Haven’t the Dallas duo learned anything from Dwyane Wade?

• Speaking of the Heat star, WIZARDS INSIDER learns that D-Wade is afraid of Beijing barbers.

• Meanwhile, WITH LEATHER learns what the other Olympic b-ballers are called in Chinese.

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Rocket’s Big Day On The Hill - Capitol Hill, That Is

No crosstown trips necessary for USC football fans - for now.

• In case you didn’t know, Roger Clemens was in Washington today.

Clemens Took It In The Butt Trentonian

• Those crazy Chris Berman clips have been booted off YouTube.

• Is Michael Wilbon swiping NBA All-Star ideas from bloggers?

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Phelps Doesn’t Appreciate Your Photoshop Skills

UNI WATCH BLOG points us to the release yesterday of a new Speedo swimsuit which will be used by over 50 countries in the upcoming Bejing Olympics. One of the models for the body suit was Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps Speedo

The photo on the left is Phelps featured in a Speedo promotional piece for the suit (and published by USA TODAY). The photo on the right was at the actual unveiling ceremony.

Speedo claims that the suit has less “passive drag” than previous models. From the photo on the left, apparently that was achieved with Adobe CS 3.