Shane Victorino: Pig Slaughterer? PETA Says Yes

In between hitting line drive homers and almost getting beaned in the dome, the Phillies’ Shane Victorino enjoys himself a Spam musubi every once in a while. And, of course, PETA is all bent out of shape over it.

Shane Victorino loves Spam

A musubi is a piece of Spam and a small block of rice wrapped in seaweed and is one of the most popular food items in Victorino’s home state of Hawaii. To the calm, rational folks at PETA, though, if you eat one you might as well be jamming a fork into a pig’s face. They’re looking for Victorino to condemn the treatment of pigs at a farm that supplies meat to Spam-maker Hormel. Thus far, he’s doing what most people do when PETA’s badgering them — ignoring them.

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Blog Jam: Sugar Ray’s Very Excited To Be In Maui

• CELEBSLAM points up some photos of Sugar Ray Leonard getting a rise out of jogging in Maui.

Sugar Ray Leonard Maui jogging erection

Doc Rivers knows how he feels.

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