Sara Carbonero Super in Spanish Sports Coverage

SbB: Scanning the globe to bring you the best in sexy sports reporting. We’ve marveled at Molly Sullivan of the Mountain West Sports Network. We’ve shown off Charlotte Jackson of the UK’s Setanta Sports. We’ve gazed upon the glory that is Ines Sainz of Mexico’s TV Azteca. And now we cast our eyes on the Iberian Peninsula in sight of the next sportscasting sensation: Sara Carbonero.

Sara Carbonero

Ms. Carbonero is a sports anchor for Spain’s La Sexta network. And after scanning through the photos below, you can see why Sara & Sexta are a perfect match:

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Biker Smashed In Spain During Failed Double Flip

Australian motocross racer Cam Sinclair remains hospitalized after a jump attempt during an event in Spain went terribly awry.

Cam Sinclair

BITTEN & BOUND reports that during the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Madrid this weekend, Sinclair was trying to pull off a double backflip. Unfortunately, he under rotated, and his body smashed into the ramp instead of his bike wheels. Video after the jump.

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USMNT Somehow Severs Spain’s Streak, Survives

The story of the Confederations Cup is, without a doubt… well, it’s the Egyptian team getting cleaned out by prostitutes. Nothing can compete with that. The second-most important story, though, was the USMNT (US Men’s National Team, if you were curious) sleepwalking through the first two of their three round robin games (both losses), then magically coming alive and getting a great deal of help to advance to the quarterfinals.

USMNT Soccer

Their reward for advancement was mighty Spain, the top-ranked team in the nation. Wait, that doesn’t adequately describe the Spaniards’ dominance. They hadn’t lost since November. November of 2006, that is. Their unbeaten streak was 35 matches long, tied for the world record. They had won 15 matches in a row, which was a world record. They hadn’t even allowed a goal in 451 minutes of play. The US was going to lose. It was a foregone conclusion.

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Tyson Scheduled to Fight in Spain Next Month

According to EURO WEEKLY NEWS, Mike Tyson is getting back in to the ring. The former heavyweight champ who turned 42 in June, is reported to be a part of an “international competition” that will be held next month in Benidorm, Spain.

Mike Tyson is fat

“Iron Mike” who was last seen in the ring sparring for the public at the Aladdin (now known as Planet Hollywood) in Las Vegas back in 2006, is joined on the August 12 card by Spaniards, Kiko Martínez and Roberto Santos and British fighter, John Simpson. No word on who Mike will be fighting, if he’s actually fighting anyone at all.  Read more…