Sox’ Blowup Dolls With ‘Strategically-Placed’ Bats

Sunday, Canada’s NATIONAL POST reported the Chicago White Sox have a shrine of sorts in their clubhouse, which consists of “two inflatable dolls, faux female of course, with an arrangement of strategically placed bats and two signs reading ‘You’ve Got To Push’ and ‘Let’s Go White Sox.’

Chicago White Sox Blowup Doll

We’re happy to report that Carol Slezak of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES today decided to devote an entire column to the “sexist shrine”, with predictable results.

We all know what Ms. Slezak is going to say before she says it. So the only thing interesting involving the matter was the reax of Ozzie Guillen when he was questioned about the display by the S-T’s Kara Spak. Read more…