Blog-O-Rama: South Park Picks On Bill Belichick

• YOU BEEN BLINDED tunes in to see the gang at “South Park” taking a run at Bill Belichick.

South Park Bill Belichick

• THREE STRIKES AND OUT wants to invoke the Patriot Act, as an American basketball player will suit up for the Russian women’s Olympic team.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY has found the perfect halftime entertainment for next year’s gridiron games in Tuscaloosa.

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Blog-Jam: Final Four Coaches in South Park Form

• GUTTY LITTLE BRUINS gets a little animated in presenting the Final Four coaches in South Park form.

Final Four coaches as South Park characters

We guess that’s John Calipari on the left, and what he’ll turn into after UCLA beats Memphis with a last-second behind-the-backboard non-called charge.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED feels Pampered by watching Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith compete in a diaper-changing contest.

• Now that European pro basketball is rising to NBA-skill levels, 100% INJURY RATE wonders if the cheerleaders are doing the same.

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Digger Phelps Trades The Broadcast Booth For The Stage

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING shines the Broadway spotlight on Digger Phelps, master thespian:

Digger Phelps Master Thespian

Neil Best of NEW YORK NEWSDAY tries to talk shop with DEADSPIN guru Will Leitch.• Edward McClellan of SALON runs down how marathons are being ruined by amateurs.

• The RIVERSIDE PRESS-ENTERPRISE takes some reps with the next USC QB superstar - former Arkansas Razorbacks starter Mitch Mustain:

Mitch Mustain

• 100% INJURY RATE feels the recent Bonds flap is just one more example of why the Bay Area is in sports hell.• FAN IQ swears they heard South Park characters say that Broncos QB Jay Cutler sucks.

• WE ARE SEC gets all gussied up for the upcoming Arizona State & USC fashion show - all for the benefit of the Matt Leinart Foundation:

Matt Leinart

• THE BRAVES SHOW feels the brotherly love, as Scott Rolen may come back to Philadelphia.• YOU BEEN BLINDED faces up to the mangling menace of Chinese chin straps.

• To celebrate their #1 ranking, BIG TEN TAILGATE advises LSU fans to drink up. And this woman certainly does:

LSU Tequila Queen

• ESPN SOCCERNET kicks over news that England’s Sports Minister is concerned about the number of foreigners on British soccer teams.• COLLEGE NEWS is not shaking in their boots at these unintimidating school mascots.