Shocker: BCS Teams Face Lighter NCAA Sanctions

If one were to craft a hierarchy of perceived importance to college sports, in terms of its divisions, one would think that the order would go like this: 1) BCS schools, 2) non-BCS I-A schools, 3) I-AA schools, 4) HBCUs. That’s to say absolutely nothing about the quality of said institutions, just how much they matter to big-money athletics.

Nun with ruler
(”And it appears to me that the littlest children have been the naughtiest…”)

Based on a report just released by Michael Buckner, a licensed attorney who specializes in investigating allegations of NCAA violations, that hierarchy holds up in the way the NCAA polices the schools. Which makes sense, really. Since the most famous schools are so important to the NCAA’s overall success, they’re managed more stringently and effectively and… AHAHAHA we’re making that part up, the big boys get to do whatever they want.

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