You, Too, Can Buy Evander Holyfield’s Sunshine

Remember a few days when we brought you the guide on how to keep from going broke after gaining millions as an athlete? We meant it all, athletes; have you hired your accountant yet? But as for what pushes these men into bankruptcy in the first place, it’s usually at least one of two things: bad business ventures and overinvestment in real estate.

Evander Holyfield mansion
(You know what this place needs? Buncha solar panels.)

Evander Holyfield’s acutely aware of both factors; his palatial estate on 40 acres in Fayette, Georgia has faced foreclosure recently. He’s also been marginally visible since his retirement from boxing, usually in some sad kind of moneygrab (witness: Taco Bell ad). So real estate and moneymaking, not really working out great for Evander…


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