Johnson Jettisoned From Mavericks Coaching Job

Guess there are some Boston baseball beauties that can knock your sox off.

Avery Johnson now has time to attend all those Josh Howard parties.

Avery Johnson

Will Mark D’Antoni also be available for appearances?

• Some grouchy media dinosaurs use Bob Costas’ HBO show to growl about the sports blogosphere.

• But they don’t understand the true power of the Internet, as in the case of a small-college football player using YouTube to get himself drafted by the Eagles.

Maria Sharapova finally meets Anna Kournikova - about 3-5 years too late for most of the media to care.

• Sisters are doing it for themselves - especially when it comes to softball sportsmanship.

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Sportsmanship Is Alive & Well In College Softball

As Roger Clemens continues to sully America’s pastime (steroid allegations, the Brian McNamee mess, the long-time affair with Mindy McCready), it would be nice to see a feel-good story coming out of baseball for a change. But we couldn’t find one, so we checked out it’s sister sport, softball - and discovered a tale of true sportsmanship that softened our hardened hearts.

Sara Tucholsky Mallory Holtman softball sportsmanship

(L: Western Oregon’s Sara Tucholsky;

R: Central Washington’s Mallory Holtman)

ESPN’s Graham Hays shares the story of Sara Tucholsky, a senior for Division II Western Oregon, who was hitting 3-for-34 in her final year & would have completed her collegiate career homerless - if not for the kindness of an opposing player. Read more…