Brett Favre’s Not Quite Done Ripping the Packers

This man holds all the cards, doesn’t he? While refusing a two-year offer from the Jets, Brett Favre wants you to know he’s not done talking about the Packers’ mistakes. Chief among this week’s criticisms? Their hiring of consultant Ari Fleischer, former spokesman for the Bush White House.

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS gets Brett’s rebuttal:

“What does that tell you? I mean, come on - damage control,” Favre said.

Well duh. Then again, Favre’s sitdown interview to bash the Packers looks like damage control as well. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander sometimes, Favre should know as much. But Fleischer wasn’t his only complaint: Read more…

Soap Opera Spotlights Chilly Hockey Wives’ Lives

Starting June 19th, hockey fans finally have a way to salve their offseason withdrawal pain: a hockey-themed soap opera. Hockey widows can help their spouses reintegrate into society by sitting with them for ten episodes of SoapNet’s “MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives” (a working title, thankfully), delving deeply into the gripping drama of hockey players’ lives.

Willa Ford & Mike Modano

(Go on; we’re listening now, SoapNet)

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER rewords the press release so:

“The hourlong series will focus on the shocking scandals of hockey players — who are living the life of instant wealth, excess and tabloid celebrity — with their girlfriends and wives joining the ride.”

Oh, heavens yes. Those tabloids are always harassing those poor hockey players with their paparazzi and their haranguing questions. However shall they handle their meteoric rise to stardom!

Read more…