Hitting Thousands Of Balls Can Help Fight Cancer

As slow-pitch softball players go, Christian James doesn’t appear to break any stereotypes. He’s around the age of 30, sports a clean goatee, lives in an exurban area, and appears to take the sport way, way too seriously. We don’t know if he enjoys Busch Light, but… we wouldn’t doubt it.

Softball Goatee Man
(We’re just saying, if you wanted to be a slow-pitch softball player for Halloween, this is a good starting point.)

For what’s believed to be the very first time in recorded history*, however, James has decided to use the power of slow-pitch softball for a noble cause, setting up a most unusual exhibition in the home of the Chicago Cubs’ AAA affiliate in Des Moines yesterday and today. He decided the best way to combat colo-rectal cancer would be, as the DES MOINES REGISTER reports, to hit softballs. For 24 hours. 5000 times. Yeah.  Read more…