Romanian Press Milks Simona For All She’s Worth

Last week, in trying figure out why 17-year-old Romanian tennis pro Simona Halep was in such a hurry to get a breast reduction, I examined the European press coverage of her dilemma.

Simona Halep Hooters Reduced To Sesame Street Sound FX By Romanian TV

(Stay Classy, Transylvania)

After discovering my post and the pix I posted of Halep in late April, overseas media predictably went hog-wild over her oft-heaving hooters. From that, I concluded that Halep’s haste was somewhat-based on the uncomfortable coverage by the regional press.

Simona Halep Ripped Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(With That Hed, Next Rupert Murdoch Acquisition?)

That was before I recently saw a video piece from Romanian television about her enormo torpedoes. I’m now utterly convinced that it was embarrassing media attention in Halep’s home country that sped the demise of her once-titanic top shelf.

Simona Halep Serena Williams Monster Tennis Boobs

(Got Shutter Speed?)

Aforementioned video after the jump. (Richter scale-proof browsers suggested.)

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