Rihanna On The Rebound With Andrew Bynum?

• Singer Rihanna was seen sharing a Friday night meal in Beverly Hills with the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum.

Rihanna Andrew Bynum Playboy Bunny

Ray Allen saves the Celtics from an embarrassing 2-0 hole vs. the Bulls.

• The Nationals fine Elijah Dukes for running late due to a charity event? No problem - the Little League will take care of that bill, dog.

• Florida high school pitching phenom Patrick Schuster does it again, hurling his 4th straight no-hitter.

• The Orlando Magic can’t escape hecklers even from just outside their own locker room.

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Sean Avery Greets Caps Goalie with Punch to Face

Some things in sports never change - like Sean Avery’s penchant for taking swings at opposing goalies. Earlier this month, the naughty New York Ranger was caught clocking Boston Bruins netminder Tim Thomas in the back of the head with his stick.

Sean Avery punches Caps goalie Simeon Varlamov

And now with the NHL playoffs in full force, you might think Avery might soften his act a bit, so as not to distract from his team’s goal of Stanley Cup glory. And you would be very wrong. (Video after the jump.)

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