NBC Ices Stanley Cup Viewings @ Det, Pitt Arenas

• NBC puts a stop to Stanley Cup Finals viewings at the Joe Louis & Mellon Arenas - because it’s shaving nearly a point off of their local Nielsen ratings.

Red Wings Penguins

• Deadline? The Vikings never said anything about a Brett Favre deadline.

• Nice to see Ozzie Guillen back in ranting ‘n’ raving form.

• Don’t worry, Barry Bonds, at least your wife still supports you through these troubles times. Um, OK, maybe not.

• Oh boy! The MLB Draft is on TV tonight! It’s not like there’s anything else on worth watching.

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Dance Tryouts For Spurs Is Logistical Nightmare

Fellas, take a powder or something; this post is for the ladies. Ladies who are young, athletic, and in the greater San Antonio area, to be precise. We good? Ladies, you with me? Excellent. Now, let’s get right to it: Would you like to be a Silver Dancer for the San Antonio Spurs?

Spurs Silver Dancers
(Looking good, looking good.)

Oh, you would? Fantastic! It’s all a very simple process, really. As RANDBALL mentions, all you have to do is agree to this unholy amount of time commitment and paperwork: Read more…

Recap: Poker Player Charged With Killing Parents

• A debt-ridden professional poker player is arrested for killing his parents in an attempt to get at his inheritance sooner than scheduled.

Ernest Scherer II poker

Jonathan Papelbon has a premonition that he isn’t long for this world.

• Isn’t there anyone who wants to stay #1 in college basketball?

• A 45-year-old Ohio man loses 200 pounds on his way to becoming a college wrestler.

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