$2 Million For This 10,000+ Signed S.I. Collection

That there? It’s not that impressive-looking on its own; it’s just a somewhat large bookcase with quite a few magazines. They just happen to be multiple copies of every single SPORTS ILLUSTRATED… and over 94% of them are signed. Signed by the people on the cover, we mean, not just by Scott Smith, the guy collecting them. That would be rude and destructive.

Scott Smith Signed Sports Illustrated Collection $2 Million

Furthermore, he’s putting the whole thing on sale. You’re probably going to want to cash in all the penny jars in the house for this one, though, because a collection that takes 27 years to compile and get autographed isn’t going to come on the cheap. $2 million? Oh, no no, much too much to ask. No sir. No way. $1,999,999? Now we’re talking!

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