Siena Saints Senior Guard: “Just-in’love Smith”

I lived this earlier, but had to give STORMING THE FLOOR another mention for its epic breakdown of the best names in college basketball this season.

Just-in'love Smith Siena Basketball Player

(God Bless Apostrophes)

I can affirm that Just-in’love Smith is a baller without even seeing him play. How incredible is STF’s list? Nimrod Tishman is at the very, VERY end of the bench. Loveit.

NCAA Rent-A-Cop: The Time Is Never 3:16

Remember that crazy guy who used to run around in a rainbow wig and shove that 3:16 sign in every imagineable camera shot of sporting events?

3:16 Sign Snatched At NCAA Tournament Game

He’s now in prison after going more than a little nuts. But it’s nice to see someone trying to keep the flame alive.

Emphasis on “try”. Vid clip after the jump. Read more…

Siena’s Short Dream Run Might End Against ‘Nova

I don’t know why I didn’t think there were any games today. Probably because I’ve been stabbing my bracket with a red ball-point pen for the past two days.

Siena Basketball Tee Shirt

(get your Siena gear while it’s still hot; you have about 15 minutes left)

Siena and Villanova, who pulled off upsets earlier in the weekend against Vanderbilt and Clemson, respectively, now play each other for the right to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

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More March Madness Tickets Punched On Monday

ESPN Championship Week is in full swing, as all those mid-major teams are getting their annual two hours of attention from the Worldwide Leader.

George Mason William & Mary San Diego Gonzaga

On Monday night, four more tickets were punched for the Big Dance:

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