Wot Th’ Elle? SI Cover Model Now Weatherbeaten

Until Marisa Miller (OMG OMG OMG) came along, the SI swimsuit issue for me had turned into Saturday Night Live (oops! “SNL”). Outmoded and largely irrelevant. Because of the selection of models, be them celebrity or otherwise, I’d completely lost interest in what was once, for me, the most-anticipated magazine release of the year.

Elle MacPherson bikini photos at age 44

(*44 or not, would still hit it with Ichiro-like precision*)

Yeah, I’m fully aware that the SI swimmag is still the most-sold, slick paper-based issue in the world every year, and that I’m in the minority in my now-reaction to the mag when it hits the rack. Save it pal.

But I was weaned on full-bodied, classy SI cover birds like Elle MacPherson and Cheryl Tiegs. Which makes the latest pics of MacPherson a little jarring (I didn’t say disappointing, mind you).

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