Short Shorts Controversy: The Horror, The Horror

I think you know my usual policy: What happens in Kamloops, British Columbia, stays in Kamloops, British Columbia. But today I’m making an exception: This cannot be ignored. In the photo below on the right is Mohd Abdullah (form an orderly line, girls), who is in trouble with Kamloops city officials for his short shorts.

Abdullah, 48, a pilates and yoga instructor at Thompson Rivers University, has been warned that if he doesn’t stop wearing such revealing shorts during workouts, he will be banned from the city’s largest recreational complex, the Tournament Capital Centre. Please take note, Shaquille O’Neal.

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U.S. Men’s Volleyball Team Fights Short Shorts

While preparing to head to Beijing in a month, the men representing the U.S. of A on the indoor volleyball court have been fighting another battle entirely: embarrassment over the comparatively tiny shorts they’ll be donning in August, per governing body regulations.

Heck, they even tried to raise a bit of cash in an effort to pay a $10,000 fine for wearing their preferred knee-length shorts:

Outside hitter and team spokesperson Reid Pritty explained the rationale to the NEW YORK TIMES.

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Jim Zorn To Improve On Throwing & Handing Off

The Washington Redskins’ promotion of Jim Zorn — who until Jan. 26 had never even been an offensive coordinator — certainly turned some heads yesterday.

HOGS HAVEN has a good reckoning of reactions from interested blogging parties. But we’re here to say this: the skeptics might not have all the facts.

Nuthuggers T

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