Goodell Accused Of Lying To Man In Pacman Case

Things have gone from great to bad to worse to, “Hey, what’s that coming down onto my head? I know it’s not raining,” for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a span of about two weeks. He’s been taken through the wringer on Spygate. And now this: Accusations that he reneged on promises to help Tommy Urbanski, who was paralyzed in the Pacman Jones Las Vegas melee, pay medical bills.

Pacman Jones Tommy Urbanski

Today’s NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has an interview with Urbanski’s wife, Kathy, in which she paints a fairly unflattering picture of the whole situation.

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NIU Cancels All Athletic Events After Shootings

Northern Illinois University has canceled all their athletic events in the wake of Thursday’s deadly campus shooting.

Northern Illinois Huskies logo

All scheduled Huskies events - both home and away - will not be played this weekend. Teams affected include men’s & women’s basketball, men’s & women’s tennis, women’s track & field, women’s gymnastics, men’s golf and wrestling.

The decision came on the day a former grad student entered a campus lecture hall and began shooting, killing five students and wounding a dozen others before killing himself.

DJ Threatens Shootings After Super Bowl Blackout

A St. Louis radio DJ has been suspended for making threats to shoot up the electric company - because he lost power while watching the Super Bowl.

JC Corcoran AK-47 guy

KMOV reports that J.C. Corcoran made the threatening comments during his Monday show on KHITS 96.3 FM. He was ranting against Ameren UE when he told the power company:

I swear, I’m gonna get on top of your building with an AK-47 and just start picking people off.”

Not the smartest choice of words, especially when a few days later, a gunman shot & killed five city council members for real in nearby Kirkwood.

But J.C.’s fun doesn’t stop there.

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Autopsy Details Revealed In Taylor Shooting Death

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reveals autopsy details from the shooting death of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor Washington Redskins

According to the autopsy report, the bullet that killed Taylor “ripped first through his right leg and then the left, and possibly came from a 9mm handgun.”

Besides the bullet wounds and “a small abrasion on Taylor’s right biceps,” no other injuries were found on his body. Toxicology tests also revealed that there were no drugs in Taylor’s system.

Further details are found after the jump.

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The NY Post Apparently Enjoys SbB’s Gift For Gifs

Where the MSM’s disdain doesn’t bother us as much as it bothers Shaq:

• Imitation must be the sincerest form of flattery, as The NEW YORK POST appreciates a good animated gif when they see one:

Old New York Post paper machine

• One of Dan Patrick’s favorite daily web stops has been offline for over a year.

• Some Pro Bowlers are con about taking the trip to Hawaii.

• Bills owner Ralph Wilson says his team’s not shuffling off from Buffalo - yet.

• Now ladies can replace their mother’s milk with a nice merlot, with the booze bra know as the Wine Rack:

Wine Rack before & after

Curt Schilling might not be able to shoulder a whole ‘nother season with the Red Sox.

• New York DC Steve Spagnuolo uses the other D.C. to get a Giant raise.

• Wednesday’s US-Mexico soccer match was such a “friendly” game that two people were shot afterwards.

Two People Shot After USA-Mexico Soccer Match

So much for being an international “friendly”. The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that two people were shot after Wednesday night’s US-Mexico soccer match.

US Mexico soccer

Over 70,000 fans showed up at Reliant Stadium to watch the Americans & Mexicans battle to a 2-2 tie. Witnesses said they saw police & emergency medical personnel gathered outside the west entrance of the stadium.

Although police are still investigating what happened, it’s not totally surprising that tempers would flare in what’s become a heated rivalry.

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