Floyd Mayweather’s Lady Friend Sure Loves Shoes

A nice pair of new kicks can make anyone — man or woman — feel good about their day. Nine pairs of new shoes that cost a total of $4,600? Well, I can’t say that should make you feel nine times as good. It would, however, help you remember the words to “Waterfalls,” apparently.

Rozonda Thomas

Yes, the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reports that Rozonda Thomas (better known as “Chilli” from TLC, and not to be confused with the crazy and now deceased member of the group who burned down Andre Rison’s House, though ironically that was also about shoes) went on a shoe-buying spree with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the tune of $4,600. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Vintage Marlboro NFL Animated Ad

Keeping on the cancer stick shtick, KISSING SUZY KOLBER and WE ARE THE POSTMEN enjoy the smooth flavor of this classic Marlboro commercial for the NFL:

UMPBUMP has the shattering news of Astros outfielder Hunter Pence losing his fight with a sliding glass door.

FOOD COURT LUNCH jabs us wit their punchable faces of Chris Berman.

WICKED GOOD SPORTS gives some tips to their Beantown brethren on how to avoid the stereotype of “that Boston fan“.

MR. IRRELEVANT shows off proof that Dmitri Young had the same off-season workout regiment as Josh Beckett:

Dmitri Young Washington Nationals fat

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Blog-O-Rama: Lasorda Back In Dodgers’ Dugout

It’s deja vu all over again, as Tommy Lasorda will be back managing the Dodgers this year - in some exhibition games.

Tommy Lasorda making moves

AOL FANHOUSE doesn’t think it’s turrible that Charles Barkley will be in Playboy next month (hopefully just talking & not posing).

JOE SPORTS FAN feels their hearts racing after checking out this NASCAR dating site.

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Basketball Coach Goes Barefoot For Good Cause

Ron Hunter doesn’t have to worry about sneaker deals, as the college basketball coach recently went barefoot for a game.

IUPUI coach Ron Hunter barefoot

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR bounces over news of Hunter, the IUPUI coach who decided to go shoeless for the Jaguars’ Summit League contest against Oakland. Hunter’s stunt was done to raise awareness for Samaritan’s Feet, an organization aimed at providing footwear for those less fortunate.

Through his long-term efforts, the coach was hoping to eventually collect 40,000 pairs, with many going to African children. By game time, he already reached his goal - and then some.

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Starbury Sneakers Slide Onto Clearance Shelves

With ankle surgery scheduled for Tuesday, Stephon Marbury’s season (and probable New York career) appears to be stuck on the shelf.

Much like his shoes.

Starbury shoe

The NEW YORK POST checks out news that the Knick’s Starbury sneaker line has been tossed in the bargain bin. Sportswear seller Steve & Barry’s has slashed the shoe’s price in half in most of their strores - from an already affordable $14.98, down to $7.99 a pair.

This doesn’t bode well for Stephon’s shoe stakes, as he was hoping to expand his sneaker line to other outlets. More importanty, his contract with S&B expires this summer - so Stephon could have trouble selling his soles.

What business options does he have left?

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Roos Shoos Back In The Noos With Sneaker Relaunch In America

SPREAD THE NOOS, PAYTON’S FAVORITE SHOOS ARE BACK!: The BOSTON HERALD reports that the old sneaker band Roos is making a comeback in the U.S. retail market. A Massachusetts-based company has “secured a license from U.K.-based Pentland Group to sell KangaRoos athletic shoes in the U.S. beginning this month, and the company plans to ‘expand into KangaRoos clothing and accessories.’

KangaRoos shoes

Our one memory of the ’80s version of the shoe was the late, great Walter Payton’s association with the brand.

Walter Payton Roos

We think Sweetness was the only major endorser of the eclectic kicks (”check out our pockets!“), which certainly earns him a place in the pantheon of footwear endorsement greats, like Derrick Coleman (British Knights), Karl Malone (L.A. Gear), and O.J. Simpson (Dingo Boots):

OJ Dingo Boots Karl Malone

Sadly, Roos shoes went extinct faster than the Bears’ playoff chances following the glory of Payton’s mid-’80s Bears teams. But here’s hoping the noo shoos will once again finally catch the nation’s fancy thanks to rapidly multiplying retail outlets.

Kangaroos Mating