Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Calls Iowa “Buckeyes”

After his recent immigration policy-based endorsement of Rick Perry’s bid for President, Phoenix-area Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a staunch proponent of U.S.-Mexico border control, joined Perry this week on the GOP primary trail in Iowa.

(Perry to Arpaio: “You know how to get Iowans riled up in the morning”)

While warming up the crowd for a Perry stump speech to the Westside Conversative Club in Des Moines on Wednesday morning, Arpaio mischaracterized an Iowa namesake for a state hundred of miles away:

Boy, I’m getting to know Iowa, the great state of Iowa. Was it the Buckeyes? (boos) … What are they? What are they called?”

Iowa is known as “The Hawkeye State”, while Ohio is known as “The Buckeye State.” The flagship universities of the states are similiarly nicknamed.

After his mistake was met with an inevitable chorus of boos, Westside Conservative Club co-Founder Paul Zietlow politely corrected Arpaio who, while chuckling, turned to the crowd and said, “Hawkeyes, Buckeyes, what’s the difference?”

When that comment elicited a collective groan from the crowd, Arpaio looked at his watch and replied, “It’s 3 o’clock Phoenix time.

For the record, Arpaio was speaking at 7am in Des Moines at the time. 6am, Phoenix time.

After Arpaio introduced Perry, the Texas Governor said of the Sheriff losing sight of the border between the states and two Big Ten schools:

“Well, you know how to get an Iowa crowd riled up in the morning…call ‘em Buckeyes. Actually, there’s probably some Cyclones in this crowd.”

By mentioning “Cyclones”, Perry was referring to the nickname of the second-most prominent college in Iowa, Iowa State University.

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