Chinese Basketball Fans Will Riot About Anything

Among the many, many things we’ve never really understood about human nature is the temptation to blatantly cheat at insignificant things. Like, we understand the allure of cheating, but there’s got to be some quick risk-reward analysis being done, or it’s just foolish.

Hu Guang burning car

(If it helps - and we really doubt that it would - the fans were fighting over this guy. No, really, that’s not a joke.)

Like, let’s say… the Chinese Short People Basketball League. That’s not the preferred nomenclature - “Dream League,” please - but that’s the basic gist. It’s a league for Chinese people of 6′2″ and under to play ball without getting faced by a bunch of Yao Mings and Wang Zhizhis all day long. You’d think such a setup wouldn’t lend itself to outbreaks of violence. Yes, you’d think that, and you’d be wrong.

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