Oh Hell Nah: Joe Girardi Ready To Switch To #28

George King of the NEW YORK POST notes today that Joe Girardi told WFAN-AM in New York yesterday that he now wants to wear #28:

Joe Giradi

(Is it all about the team? Or the manager?)

Yesterday, on his WFAN gig, the manager strongly hinted he will wear No. 28 next season to signify a push toward winning back-to-back titles.

“Y’know, that’s something I talked to Brian Cashman briefly about [yesterday] and I want to talk to him about it more [today], but, I think I will,” Girardi said. “I’ve got to talk to Shelley Duncan to see if he allows me to wear it. I think I’m gonna make a number change.”

Duncan is a fringe Yankee player who wears #28. Somehow I have a feeling he’ll grant the request. Maybe he’ll get a box of Twinkies in return.

Joe Girardi wearing #28

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McGwire Working His Way Back Into Baseball?

After the unmitigated disaster that was former Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire’s testimony in front of Congress on steroids and other performance enhancing drugs three years ago, the first baseman completely dropped off of the face of the earth, at least in terms of his relation to the game. Now, per USA TODAY, he’s instructing a small group of major and minor leaguers in hitting, and may re-appear in the game soon as a hitting coach.

Mark McGwire in Congress

The group of current major leaguers working with McGwire includes Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday, Cardinals Chris Duncan and Skip Schumaker, along with the Yankees’ Shelley Duncan, who violates the first rule of Big Mac’s Hitting Club by talking about Big Mac’s Hitting Club.

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Duncan, Cabrera Suspended Over NYY-TB Brawl

March 31 will be the last Opening Day at the current Yankee Stadium - but Shelley Duncan and Melky Cabrera won’t be there.

Shelley Duncan Jonny Gomes Yankees Rays

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS rumbles up news that the two Yanks have been suspended for the first three games of the season, due to their little tete-a-tete with Tampa Bay on Wednesday. Read more…

Benches Clear After Duncan Spikes Rays Baseman

Do the Yankees & Rays know the real season doesn’t starts until a couple of weeks? So why waste all that anger now when it doesn’t count?

Yankees Rays brawl

ESPN reports that the two teams cleared the benches during the second inning of Wednesday’s game. The bad blood had been simmering since four days ago, when New York catcher Francisco Cervelli was injured in a home plate collision with Tampa Ray’s Elliot Johnson. And a couple of Yanks decided it was payback time. Read more…