Half of Richest African-Americans Linked to Sport

A recent FORBES ranking shows that despite the real and perceived advances in the last generation, 10 of the 20 wealthiest African-Americans have a strong relationship to sports, either as a player or an owner.  Oprah Winfrey, as expected, leads the list by a long shot, garnering $2.7 billion through shrewd investment and media moguling.

David Lettermam Oprah Winfrey Super Bowl

(”I could buy and sell you with my Dr. Phil profits alone”)

However, Tiger Woods follows at $600 million and growing.  From there, Robert Johnson (Charlotte Bobcats owner) and Michael Jordan (Bobcats president) lead a procession that implies the best way to become a wealthy black man is still to hit the gym or own one.

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We Bet She Could Beat Anna Kournikova, Too

A fantastic story was unearthed via the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, which features the hottest new member of the Grand Canyon University tennis team: 60-year-old Sheila Johnson. (Photo from TENNIS WEEK).

Sheila Johnson


“The Antelopes’ newest addition became eligible for AARP 10 years ago, was born during the Truman era and understands the Pythagorean theorem - but not text-messaging. Read more…