After 17 Years, Kemp Now Wants In On Son’s Life

Shawn Kemp may have been known for his basketball talents, but the former NBA’er was better known for planting his seed far & wide. And Luke Winn of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED checks up on the growth of Kemp’s eldest wild oat sown - Shawn Kemp Jr.

Shawn Kemp Senior & Junior

The 17-year-old Kemp is currently a high school junior living in Georgia with his mom. Although the younger Kemp has gotten high marks from scouts, he’s recently struggled during summer camp games. However, scouts still see a lot of potential in Junior, and doctors expect him to grow to 7 feet tall by the time he turns 21.

Despite possessing his dad’s on-court skills, Kemp Jr. hasn’t had much in the way of contact with his famous father. Read more…