Even Michael Phelps Look-A-Likes Get Some Love

• It appears that Chinese fans will go ga-ga over anything Michael Phelps - even BBC reporters who look like the gold-winning swimmer.

Steve Parry Phelps look-a-like Sharron Davies

But when it comes to employees of the Beeb, we prefer to go ga-ga over swimming analyst Sharron Davies.

• Teasing the Aussies about coming home with less Olympic medals than the British? The Sun is there.

• A Canadian fencer says a loss to a rival felt like “a kick in the nuts” - which is more remarkable considering the crestfallen foiler is female.

• With the Beijing Games now gone, how will Yao Ming be able to get on with his life?

• It’s bad enough when a football coach assaults a player from an opposing team, but it’s downright disgusting when said player is only 8 years old.

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Michael Phelps Look-A-Like Gets His 15 Minutes

Last week, video of Michael Phelps — or was it? — out and about in China hit the internets, and, as with all things Michael Phelps, caused a brief stir. Just who was that goofy-looking white dude? That’s not Michael Phelps, though he is sort of creepy-looking like the Phelpster. Reveal yourself, cretin!

Alas, it didn’t take long for the impostor to be revealed, even if the Chinese swarming him didn’t believe it. THE TODAY SHOW caught up with the faux Phelps - BBC reporter Steve Parry - and the interview was appropriately syrupy: Read more…

Sexy Swim Reporter Defies BBC Ban Showing Skin

There’s more controversy at the Water Cube in Beijing, but this time it has nothing to do with Michael Phelps. The BBC allegedly has made sure to film swimming reporter Sharron Davies with lots of tight shots to avoid showing her breasts, which were one (two?) of the stars of the British network’s Athens Games coverage four years ago.

BBC swim reporter Sharron Davis in 2002

But according to THE DAILY MAIL, Davies was able to get her revenge - if she couldn’t show off her cleavage, she would show off her gams by appearing on set in the shortest shorts imaginable. And being a former Olympic silver medalist swimmer, you can guess that she had pretty good assets to show off. Visual evidence is below:

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